ESA 2021 Easterns® Gathering Limit/COVID Protocols

The ESA will implement and follow all CDC protocols for outdoor gatherings based on current Phase (2 or 3) at time of event. 

Precautions Due to COVID19: The ESA will comply with the CDC guidelines that are posted for conducting Youth Sports on its website.


Below is an overview of the protocols we are following to ensure the safety of our members:

  • The ESA will block off the event site to anyone except ESA officials and competitors who are checking in for their heats. This will ensure that there will not be more than 25 people gathering for the event.
  • The ESA will limit the number of working officials on scaffolding to only those who are essential to running the event (5 judges instead of 6, 2 announcers instead of 3, 1 beach marshall instead of 2, etc).
  • The ESA will make continuous announcements throughout the event reminding competitors and public beach goers about social distancing.
  • The ESA will only allow one competitor to cross into event site to check-in at a time.
  • The ESA will ask competitors to only attend event for their scheduled heats, and to arrive not more than an hour prior to their heats.
  • The ESA sponsor tents will be spaced out on the beach to limit gathering under tents.
  • Any parent who wishes to speak to an ESA official must do so one at a time into the contest site.
  • The ESA will require all officials and competitors to refrain from attending if they are sick.
  • Remind all competitors when registering to maintain appropriate social distancing, and to bring masks in case they feel more comfortable wearing one while participating in the ESA event.
  • The ESA will not offer food or water to competitors but will have meals provided for officials only.
  • The ESA will not offer the Easterns® competitors’ banquet that is usually held midweek.
  • The ESA will only offer positions to officials who are comfortable working at the event with one another on the scaffolding.
  • Masks are not required but will be encouraged for anyone who feels they may be at risk.
  • Self-medical screening for every official, volunteer, competitor and parent will be required via online link prior to event check-in. We will be using the same system that the Delmarva District uses for its events:
  • The ESA will provide signage at all entrances of the beach to remind everyone to socially distance themselves.
  • Awards will be distributed following the final of each divisions to avoid big gathering at award ceremonies.
  • Divisions will run all the way through on same day as much as possible so folks can surf entire division in a shorter period of time than previous years (added post-permit approval in discussion with ED & Comp Director).